When passion & skills collide, good things happen.

Hi, AJ Baron here. After working in the healthcare field and owning two businesses over a decade, I know about being an industry disruptor.  I help companies that are thinking outside the box or are outsiders in their industry.

Get More of What You Want, Keep What You Have

You want to reach the right audience who is hungry for your solution. I strive to deeply understanding your ideal prospect avatar, your product/service, and your goals. I also write content that nurtures the hard-earned customers you already have. The principles of customer success management and user experience strongly inform my writing. 

Get the Attention of Busy Prospects

No one wants to read page after page of boring jargon. They need compelling, persuasive copy that shows clear benefits. They are searching for a solution. I lead them to yours.

Get Ideas and Fresh Perspective 

Being able to pull out unique details and benefits of your product helps you stand out from the crowd. My job is to offer a fresh perspective and dig deeper to find golden nuggets. 

Part of my service to you is being an advisor. Are you using the right format to speak to your audience? Are you using long sales letters when a case study might be the best showcase for your product? Would a story format better speak to your prospects? 

The landscape is always shifting for you and your customers. Let’s work together to keep your strategies fresh. And profitable.