Must-see tool for SPD patients

1 simple tool, 10 minutes, big change.

Hello Fellow Clinician,

What do Michael Jordan’s jump shot, Megan Rapinoe’s killer foot, and Tom Brady’s precision arm have in common? Besides being extraordinary gifts of elite athletes, these powerful tools were honed using a simple concept. 

Muscle memory. The concept of neurons firing and wiring together…

Or what is now under the umbrella of neuroplasticity. The ability of the brain to change and reorganize itself and its function is a power we can harness to help our sensory processing patients thrive. With one simple tool, you can change the game.

Stuck in Second Gear? 

Do you ever wish you had a magic wand to instantly make patients follow their treatment plan? Are you repeating yourself week after week to the same families with no forward momentum?  

Maybe you’ve given handouts, brochures on a sensory diet, or what seemed like clear instructions on a take-home activity? Yet still, sensory processing patients aren’t really making the progress you’d like to see. Or do you just need a way to engage effectively with Telehealth patients? 

There’s an Easier Way.

You have access to a secret tool. It was created by clinicians like you, who saw patients coming back week after week not following through on take-home exercises. They too wanted to make a difference in their patient’s lives. 

You work diligently at your job, so it’s refreshing to have tools that are effective and simple to make clinic life easier. With this tool, you just might find: 

  • You receive more referrals because patients are making rapid progress
  • Teachers will thank you; parents will be singing your praises
  • Your sessions are more productive, as patients are engaged 
  • You get to share in the joy of improvements in sensory processing 

Big Changes In 10 Minutes a Day

Clinical hero, your wait is over. Sensory Sid Activity Cards are the simple, yet powerful clinical tool you’ve been waiting for to help patients struggling with sensory processing disorder. (While we can’t guarantee elite athletic abilities, we know this tool will make your patients believe in their own healing powers).  

Developed by an OT dynamic duo, these cards are meant to implement a sensory diet at home or used as an adjunct tool in clinic. Because isn’t one of your elite gifts the power to motivate patients to take charge of their health? 

Sensory Sid Activity Cards make it easy.  

With many people continuing to practice social distancing and more clinics utilizing Telehealth services, being able to give tools families can use at home is the foundation of what we can do right now.

Sensory Sid Activity Cards are an easy way to help guide a family through a complete sensory diet, using regular items most families have at home. 

Benefits Include:

• Addresses four sensory categories (vestibular, tactile, active, and passive  proprioception) 

• Activities can be done with common household items—no excuses or  investment 

• Cards are durable, withstanding wear and tear  

• Illustrations are engaging for the child • Includes simple instructions for modifying difficulty

Make YOUR Time More Productive and Rewarding

You can use Sensory Sid Activity Cards as simple exercises in the clinic, to see how patients respond and then adjust treatment accordingly. Just pull a card and go.

Or you can send parents home with a deck — with little to no explanation necessary from you. The cards have instructions meant to be understood by parents. 

One of the most powerful ways to open up “windows of plasticity” in the brain is physical activity.

The next time you see them, instead of having to rinse and repeat your last appointment, you can enjoy the satisfaction of progressing to more challenging material. 

Patient’s compliance and progress at home will make for more efficient appointments,  happier families…and you can take pride in changing lives! 

Developed By An Occupational Therapy Team 

As an OT/COTA team with 22 years of combined experience, we were looking to create something to help our patients have fun while improving their sensory processing at home. When we started developing Sensory Sid Activity Cards it was to provide families with an extra tool at home.  

Sensory diets work with the power of neuroplasticity. As you know, the science behind neuroplasticity is very exciting! The brain changes most rapidly in childhood, but it’s now clear that the brain continues to develop throughout life. Day-to-day behaviors can have measurable effects on brain structure and function. 

By using sensory diets to “rewire” the brain, we can change sensory seeking and avoiding behaviors

Through clinical experience and CEU seminars, we’ve realized that consistency is key.  It’s not enough to spend 45 minutes a week with a patient when they’re spending the other 10,035 minutes at home without engaging in active “re-wiring”. 

That’s where Sensory Sid Activity Cards come in. Easy. Simple. Effective.Maybe not as powerful as a Rapinoe penalty kick, but pretty darn fantastic. We know you’ll feel the same. 

If you’d like to see your new tool up close and personal, click now.  

If you want to talk to Katie or Kara about your unique clinical practice and see how Sid can help, contact us at


Kara and Katie 

OT/COTA Dynamic Duo

P.S. Did we also mention how adorable and charming our Sid is? Your pediatric patients will know them by name soon.